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ShoeCue Insole 2-Pack + Training Plan

Unlock your Athletic Potential

Transform the way you run with ShoeCue.  Smooth roads and cushioned shoes are weakening our feet and training us to run with poor technique.  ShoeCue works with your body to strengthen your feet and improve the way you move. With ShoeCue you will reduce pain and impact, improve efficiency, and unlock your athletic potential, or your money back.  

To get started simply trim your ShoeCues to get a custom fit, slide them in any shoe, and go run!  Over a matter of weeks, ShoeCue will gently transform your heavy, slow steps into the smooth and graceful strides used by elite marathoners.

The secret is ShoeCue's ‘Textured Heel’ design, which allows your feet to feel, in real-time, when you are landing too hard.  This gentle feedback allows your body to automatically adjust and correct to a proper stride. 

Along with your ShoeCue purchase, you will get access to a structured 5K training program to get you started on your ShoeCue journey. In the online training program, you will get daily structured workouts tailored to your fitness level, along with the ability to upload your workout data directly from over 100 fitness apps and devices. 

    Product Features:

    • Free 5K training program from 80/20 Endurance
    • Patent-pending Textured Heel Plate.  
    • High-quality EVA foam body.  
    • Moisture-wicking, anti-microbial top layer. 
    • Trim lines for a custom fit. 
    • Clinically tested to help athletes move better.
    • 60-day money back guarantee, even if you trim and wear them.
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