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"Since I have begun using my ShoeCues I noticed immediate progression in my running. My once long and inefficient stride, which forced me to heel strike, has decreased leaving me with a more buoyant and boundful feel. The Cue has helped me engage my hamstrings and glutes, relieving my quads of bearing all my weight. My most favorite advantage I have noticed thus far is when I have begun to fatigue towards the end of a run the heel pads remind me to re-position and automatically self-correct for a more efficient stride. I would recommend these insoles to any athlete whom would like to improve their running stats and overall stride and form.”

Marisa Hardy
"What a clever product. I am an avid runner and always looking for better product. I ran track and now run a lot of half and full marathons and had to re-learn not to heel strike like I was taught growing up. I tried the minimalist shoes but I didn't like them very much and they were expensive.

I love the comfort and cushion of a traditional running shoe. Add these insoles and you add the effectiveness of the minimalist genre; the best of both worlds. The best part, you can put it in your favorite shoe! The textured heel lets you know when you're getting it right.

Love this product!"

Amazon Customer
"I love these! I've been much more aware of my foot placement ever since wearing these. I'm a chronic heel striker and I try to be aware of my foot placement at all times, but when the miles add up and fatigue sets in you don't really think about where your feet are. Shoecue changed all that. These bumpy plates provide a real time biofeedback of where my feet are. Love it!"

Colleen M

"Awesome product that gives you great, instant feedback on your running form. It feels like one of those products that has just the right amount of engineering/technology in it to do its job and not get in your way.

This is my second pair as I replace them as often as I replace my running shoes (every 250-300 miles)."

Jarrett K

"Love the instant feedback the shoecue gives me. Not only does it make my running and lifting better, it makes simply walking better. I am already recommending these to my clients."


"It was a great experience wearing these insoles. It might feel a little strange on the heel due to the bumpy plates, but once you get used to it, you will feel great.
The actual insole is made with premium material so it feels very durable.
Great product!"

Amazon Customer

"What a fantastic product. My heel has been in pain for several months on and off due to plantar fasciitis. In listening to a podcast (Doc and Jock) that featured the ShoeCue I was intrigued enough to try it. When it arrived I it looked like a typical insert but boy was I wrong. I put it in one of my casual work shoes and my heel never felt better. The texture on the heel part is noticeable but by no means painful. I will be purchasing for my other shoes."

Amazon Customer