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Learn to Run Naturally

Our ancestors ran in bare feet or very thin shoes with little padding.  Anthropological evidence clearly shows that humans are designed to run and move without requiring modern footwear.  


Padded shoes are a relatively new invention

Modern padded running shoes have been popular since the 1970’s.  They are not entirely bad, but they do have some detrimental effect on our body.  Mainly that they block the very important sensory information from being felt by our feet, which we get when barefoot.  

This sensation has a huge affect on the way we move.  

Due to the lack of sensation, runners wearing shoes impact the ground significantly harder than their barefoot counterparts.

Proper running form:

How do our feet feel the ground?

The skin on soles of the feet have around 200,000 nerve endings, making it one of the most sensitive areas in the body.  These nerve endings are stimulated in 3 main ways:

-Shearing Force
All of which are felt when barefoot, but all greatly reduced by modern shoes.

By restoring sensation to your feet, you will improve the way you move

ShoeCue’s Textured Heel Plate wakes up the sensitive nerve endings in your feet, stimulating them in all three important ways, indentation, vibration, and shearing force.

Get the sensation your body needs to move properly, in any shoe



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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect to feel?

You will certainly notice the Cue but it is in no way painful.  It feels like a gentle massage on the bottom of your foot.  The goal is NOT to create pain when you are moving poorly.  The goal of the Cue is to simply increase your bodies positional awareness and subtly encourage better biomechanics over time.

How will my running form change?

Over time runners notice a reduction in over-striding and heavy heel strike (which are major contributors to running injury and joint wear).  Each run you will likely notice that your stride feels softer, smoother, and more efficient.  Also, as fatigue sets in on a hard run, you will be more aware of any breakdown in form and will be able to self correct in real-time.

How quickly will I see results?

As soon as you slip on your shoes you will notice the ShoeCue difference.  You will likely notice a small shift in your running technique on your first run.  Each time you run, the small improvements in your technique will be compounded, thus over the course of weeks or months you will see large improvements in the efficiency and ground impact force of your stride.

Will it take time for my body to adapt to running in ShoeCues and the change in running form?

Yes.  ShoeCue encourages you to favor the ball of foot as opposed to the heel.  When doing so you will be stressing muscles and tissues in the lower leg that have been underused.  You may experience soreness after your first few runs. Start with shorter runs, give it time, and progress slowly, but remember it will be worth the effort when you are performing better and staying healthy!

Should I wear socks with ShoeCue?

By changing the thickness of your socks, you can adjust how much sensation you will receive from the textured heel plate. Some people prefer to go barefoot and get the most possible sensation.  A good way to ease your body into using the Cue is to start with a thicker sock.  ShoeCue is designed to work well either way, you are in control of how it feels.  


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