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Can I return my ShoeCues if I use them?

Yes!  We have a 60-day return policy so that you can actually test them out.  If they are not for you, we will give you a full refund, even if they are worn.  And no, we do not resell used pairs!

How does ShoeCue work?

The Cue restores sensory feedback to your foot which is otherwise diminished through your shoe.  The soles of your feet are one of the most sensitive areas in your body, your brain relies on the sensory perception to control everything about the way you move.  By increasing sensation to your feet you will: 

  • Be more aware of your running technique and run with a softer foot-strike.
  • Have greater positional awareness while lifting and exercising.
  • Walk and stand with better posture.

What is the purpose of the textured heel plate?

The textured heel plate is our patent-pending technology which increases sensation to the foot.  The nerve receptors in the skin on the soles of the feet pick up sensation in three main ways:

  • Indentation
  • Shearing force
  • Vibration

All of these mechanics your body relies on to feel the ground are blocked by a traditional shoe when compared to being barefoot, BUT ShoeCue is able to restore this sensation, in virtually ANY shoe!

What should I expect to feel?

You will certainly notice the Cue but it is in no way painful.  It feels like a gentle massage on the bottom of your foot.  The goal is NOT to create pain when you are moving poorly.  The goal of the Cue is to simply increase your bodies positional awareness and subtly encourage better biomechanics over time.

Should I wear socks with ShoeCue?

By changing the thickness of your socks, you can adjust how much sensation you will receive from the textured heel plate. Most people wear socks, but some people prefer to go barefoot and get the most possible sensation.  A good way to ease your body into using the Cue is to start with a thicker sock, but either way, you are in control of how it feels.  

How will my running form change?

Over time runners notice a reduction in over-striding and heavy heel strike (which are major contributors to running injury and joint wear).  Every time you run you will likely notice that your stride feels softer, smoother, and more efficient.  Also, as fatigue sets in on a hard run, you will be more aware of any breakdown in form and will be able to self-correct in real-time.

How quickly will I see results?

As soon as you slip on your shoes you will notice the ShoeCue difference.  You will likely notice a small shift in your running technique on your first run.  Each time you run, the small improvements in your technique will be compounded, thus over the course of a few runs, you will see large improvements in the efficiency and ground impact force of your stride.

How does ShoeCue differ from traditional arch support orthotics?

Arch support works to lift your arch and hold it in a static position.  This may be better than walking around with collapsed arches and flat feet, but it does not address the underlying strength and motor control issues which are the root cause of the problem.  By increasing sensation to your feet, ShoeCue will encourage the small muscles in your feet and ankles to be active, and when your arch does collapse, you will feel it and be able to consciously turn on those muscles and move better. Over time this will happen unconsciously.  Your feet will be stronger and your body will thank you!

Can I use ShoeCue with orthotics?

Generally only one or the other will fit into a shoe at a time.  Orthotics work by restricting motion in the foot, this may be beneficial during recovery from an injury, but over time the foot and lower leg musculature will become weak and inactive.  For this reason, many doctors and PT's recommend spending some time barefoot and doing foot exercise.  ShoeCue will also help activate the muscles of the foot similar to going barefoot.  We recommend orthotic wearers slowly transition away from the orthotic and into the ShoeCue as the foot strengthens and adapts over time.

Will it take time for my body to adapt to running in ShoeCues and the change in running form?

It might.  ShoeCue encourages you to favor the ball of the foot as opposed to the heel.  When doing so you will be using muscles and tissues in the lower leg that have been underused.  You may experience soreness after your first few runs. Start with shorter runs, give it time, and progress slowly, but remember it will be worth the effort when you are performing better and staying healthy!

Does the ShoeCue have a heel-toe differential?

No, ShoeCue is 5mm thick throughout. Most shoes come with a similar thickness insole, thus making ShoeCue a versatile replacement. 

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I live in Europe, do you deliver here?

Yes! ShoeCue now has a distribution location in the UK which services the UK, EU zone (all 28 countries), plus the 4 EFTA countries.  Visit to order!

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