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Should I wear ShoeCue while training in the gym?

Answer: ShoeCue is not Just for running and athlete are using their ShoeCues in the gym as well.  Like running, technique matter a lot when lifting.  In the squat or dead-lift, foot position is very important and translates into the position of your knees, hips and back.  

Ideally when squatting or dead-lifting, we want our feet relatively straight, with our knees tracking over our toes as we descend.  A common fault lifters make when squatting is to have their knees buckle in and their arches collapse.  This is stressful on the knees and can lead to issues upstream at the hip and back as well.  This knee in position is highly associated with ACL tears on the field or court, so it is not a movement we want to practice.  Additionally we want the whole foot in contact with the ground, this means the heel, outside edge of the foot, and big toe all connected with the ground.  ShoeCue will give you some awareness as to when your feet are collapsing inward so you can correct it in real time.

Also some lifters tend to be too far back on their heels which causes the toes to lift up.  This is a problem because it creates instability at the ankle joints, and thus instability and the knees, hips, and back.

Lastly some lifters tend to be too far forward towards the balls of their feet.  This is also a problem because it can put excess strain on the front of the knees.

The ShoeCue will make you more aware of your foot position and how you are weighting your feet so you can perform your best.

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