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Scientific Study Sheds Light on Running Injuries

Did you know?

A recent study by Spaulding National Running Center in conjunction with Harvard Medical School, showed a significant correlation between loading rate upon foot-strike and injury rate.

A New York Times articles sums it us as "The never-injured runners, as a group, landed far more lightly than those who had been seriously hurt, the scientists found, even when the researchers controlled for running mileage, body weight and other variables.

The data also, however, contain a more general message for those of us who are not as wispy and whippy in our landings. Consciously think about “a soft landing,” Dr. Davis said. Some runners, especially those with a long history of injuries, might want to experiment with landing closer to the midfoot, she said, since many — but not all — runners naturally land more lightly when they don’t lead with the heel."


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