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Running with ShoeCue, what to expect

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I want to give you a couple tips on what to expect and how to best use your ShoeCues for running.  The goal if the Textured heel plate is to increase sensation to your feet.  This will make you more aware of how you are striking the ground each step.  Over time you will likely notice your form transitions and you begin to land lighter and softer.  This is great, and means your body is learning to run with better technique.

One thing to look out for as you progress using the ShoeCue is that you may notice your feet or calves feel extra tired or sore during or after your runs.  This is common and due to the fact that you are using muscles and tissues in ways they have not been exercised regularly.  It will take some time for your body to adapt to your new movement so make sure you take it slow at first.

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Chester Rice
Chester Rice

October 15, 2017

I noticed after my first use of the ShoeCue insert in a 5K power walk / light jog that they felt good during the walk / jog. I finished my walk / light jog in 40 minutes at the age of 63. When I finished I noticed that my calves felt a little tight and my feet from the mid foot to the ball seemed to be tired / slightly sore. I am a notorious heel striker that has had arthroscopic knee surgery for a complex minuscus tear. I still feel the bumps even when walking / running. Anyway, I’ve ordered 2 more inserts for my other exercise / running shoes.

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