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A customer case study using ShoeCue


Roxanne, one of our customers documented her experience with the insole over 3 weeks.  If you are curious what real customers are experiencing with ShoeCue, keep reading!  (about 3 minutes)


By Roxanne

Trial period details: 21 Days
15 running sessions (3-8 miles each)
Estimated running mileage = 50 mi.
Total estimated mileage = 130 mi.


Self-classified running-type/experience/history: I am a mid-range runner, mostly pavement with occasional long-distance trail running. I also do light agility and strength training. I normally strike with my heel. I often feel slight knee pain when I run. I've suffered from tendinitis in my IT band- which got so irritated that I was restricted from running for a year. Yoga and low-impact training have gotten me back to a place where I feel comfortable running up to 15 miles and short-range sprinting. My last full-marathon, I felt no pain throughout my body except for in my feet. My feet felt completely degraded- it hurt to walk for a long time. Slowly my feet healed, but now the first place I feel pain when I go on long runs or walks is my feet.


-Day 1

My first time using ShoeCue inserts- they are surprisingly comfortable! The textured heel does not bother or irritate my foot. My feet feel engaged, even when I am just standing or walking. My first run in ShoeCues felt fantastic. The texture is subtle- just enough to make me mentally aware of my feet, but not so exaggerated that it causes pain or discomfort over time. My running form naturally shifted so that I was striking with the ball of my foot with every step, and I was able to maintain this form throughout my entire run.


-Day 2

My feet feel engaged throughout the run. In the beginning of my run. when I am most energized, mind is focused on my foot form. I can tell that when I fatigue toward the end of my run, I go back to my natural stride (heel first), and that's when the 'Cue comes in. My mind refocuses on my feet and I am able to finish my run strong, and with good form.


-Day 3

Throughout all my years of running track & cross-country, training for collegiate sports, marathons- nobody ever taught me how to run properly. I can't believe I've been using improper form all this time. After my last marathon, I began to feel the wear and tear on my body. My feet were fatigued, my hip and knee joints were slightly aggravated. I could feel that poor running-form was causing my body to break down. ShoeCues have made me reconsider the way my feet hit the ground. My ShoeCues are retraining my body to run with a form that feels powerful and sustainable throughout long runs and training sessions. After my run I feel energized and strong! This is amazing!


-Day 7

After about a week of using ShoeCues, my legs and feet feel fantastic! I can tell my calves are being worked more because they are sore. I am especially grateful for wearing my ShoeCues on longer runs. Mid-way through a long run, I can start to feel my body getting fatigued- but my form does not slack. The ShoeCues keep me focused on transferring my weight and impact to the front of my foot. My feet normally feel exhausted and in serious pain after long runs. I haven't felt that pain once, since using ShoeCues.


-Day 14

Second week of using Cues- My feet feel stronger. I love standing in the ShoeCues throughout the work day- my feet feel engaged, distributing the weight across my entire foot. The texture keeps my feet activated. I feel like I could break out into a sprint at a moment's notice. ShoeCues are wicked awesome.


-Day 21

I am still able to maintain good form. My body feels great and healthy and strong after 3 weeks of using ShoeCues. I honestly don't want to imagine running without ShoeCues. They are that good.

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August 05, 2020



August 05, 2020


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