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Feel the ground for stronger feet - Scientific study

Running-related injury prevention through barefoot adaptations.

"recreational runners were analyzed to study the adaptive pattern of the medial longitudinal arch of the foot due to increased barefoot weight-bearing activity. Changes occurred in the medial longitudinal arch which allowed deflection of this arch on loading which substantiated the hypotheses. Other evidence suggests that sensory feedback largely from the glabrous epithelium of the foot is the element of barefoot activity which induced these adaptations. The sensory insulation inherent in the modern running shoe appears responsible for the high injury frequency associated with running. The injuries are considered "pseudo-neuropathic" in nature."

This study found that the arches in our feet can be strengthened by barefoot activity, specifically when the sensory receptors on the foot are stimulated by the ground.  This means that spending time barefoot or in a tool like the ShoeCue textured insole while wearing shoes, can strengthen your aches over time!

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